Community Events

From time to time we are asked to advertise a community event to our members, often for their help in escorting swimmers. This page provides a place for us to communicate the details of these requests to the CCC membership.

July 27: Easter Seals Swim For Kids


The Safety Committee for the Easter Seals Lake Swim fundraiser are looking for volunteer kayakers who can act as safety boaters. The event would be approximately 6-11am.  There will be a boater briefing on the Thursday before the swim on site at Lake Ontario Park. Ahoy Rentals is donating boats for people who do not have boats. 

For more information:  To volunteer, scroll down to the site to the Volunteer Link or click on: Or contact Steve Tripp

Aug 4: Escort Swimmers at the K-Town Tri!

The K-Town Tri is looking for 2 or 3 kayakers to escort their swimmers during the triathlon. The Tri is on Sunday, Aug 4 from 7:15 to 10am at the Confederation basin.

Please contact Kathryn Handford at or call 416.371.6151 if you are interested.