• Single membership fee = $35 per year, due March 31 each year.
  • Family membership fee = $60 per year, due March 31 each year.


  • Boathouse fee = $96 per year, due March 31 each year.
  • Boathouse late payment fee = $120. (for late renewals only). This does not apply to new renters. Please review the Boat Storage Policy.
  • Key Deposit = $40 one time. Refundable when the key is returned.
  • Locker = $25 per year, due when locker is assigned.


  • Fee for boat rental (on a club trip only) – $20 per day

Payment options

You may send your payment either by e-transfer (prefered!) or by cheque.

E-Transfer instructions

  • Logon to your bank that you wish to send the funds from.
  • Set up an Interac e-Transfer recipient. If you are not sure how to do this, please contact your bank’s technical support team.
  • Name the recipient – Cataraqui Canoe Club
  • Contact Method – E-mail. In the E-mail address field type in treasurer@cataraquicanoe.ca. Please make sure that this is accurate or we will not get your payment.
  • For the Security Question, type – Date Canoe Club was incorporated
  • For the Security Answer – September1985 – please type exactly as written; remember this answer is case sensitive and must not have any spaces
  • When sending funds, please include in the Message Box what the e-transfer is for, i.e. Individual or Family membership, Boat Storage Rental etc.
  • When the Treasurer has accepted your e-Transfer, your bank will e-mail you a confirmation of the receipt. We recommend you keep this e-mail for your records.


Please make your cheque payable to ‘Cataraqui Canoe Club’, and mail it to:

Cataraqui Canoe Club
Box 1882, Kingston ON
K7L 5J7