Space in the boathouse

Canoes or kayaks can be stored in our boathouse at 1 Cataraqui Street, when space is available.

You can check our boathouse status (accepting applications for storage spots, or full and not accepting applications) on our home page.

For more information on the boathouse and storage, contact our Boathouse Manager.

Boat Storage Policy

The CCC policy regarding Boat Storage can be found here.

Boat Storage Application

  • Be sure you have verified with the boathouse manager that there is space available for your boat.
  • Review the Boat Storage Policy.
  • Complete this online form, or download the paper application here:  Boat Storage Application
  • If you have a Family membership and are storing 2 boats, please complete a form for each boat and indicate on each form the name of the other adult in the household.

If you have a Family membership, and are storing 2 boats in the boathouse, we require 1 form per boat. Please enter the name of the other adult in the household on each form.

I have read and agree to the Boat Storage Policy.