At the current time the Cataraqui Canoe Club is not offering any clinics due to COVID-19.

Learn to paddle or improve your skills

Intro to Canoeing: Ed Jezak

Members who need an introduction to canoeing can contact Ed for sessions covering safety, equipment and basic strokes. Sessions will take place during Open Paddle nights.

Intro to Kayaks: Joan Mercier

Topics: choice of equipment, safety guidelines, dry land boat entry, kayaking strokes, and basic water skills.

Individual instruction: Jim MacLachlan

If you recognize you have a particular weakness or a skill you wish to develop (e.g., bracing, rolling, J-stroke, etc.), call Jim!  Lessons are at Grass Creek Park (about 14 km east of the causeway on Hwy 2) and last about an hour.

Kayak Clinics: Jim MacLachlan

Kayak clinics are being offered at Grass Creek Park (about 14 km East of the causeway on Hwy 2).  Clinic dates will be posted here when scheduled for 2020. 

Topics covered in the respective classes usually include strokes, braces/rolling, and rescues.

Space is limited so please contact Jim to reserve your spot.  This is intended for experienced paddlers (not beginners).  Joan Mercier does an introductory class for beginner kayakers.


Clinic Costs

Each individual clinic is $20 payable to the Cataraqui Canoe Club and can be paid to the clinic instructor.

Instruction Policy

The CCC policy regarding our clinics can be found here.