January 13, 2021

In view of the additional restrictions announced by the Premier,
we are suspending all Club trips effective immediately.

But we’ll be back! 

Stay home. Stay safe.

I write this after enjoying a multi-day spell of summertime temperatures in November.  Looking ahead, it’s hard to imagine that we could be experiencing winter or near-winter weather in the last days 2020.  

Weather conditions are always a big uncertainty at the start of the New Year, even more now as a result of climate change.  By necessity, scheduled trips for January are flexible whether they will be hikes or ski/snowshoe excursions.  Snow or no snow, make an effort to get outdoors and enjoy some healthy exercise.  Even though we practice social distancing in our outdoor activities, we can still be social.

For the last two years we have had a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in November to reward our volunteers for all their efforts.  We really would have liked to make the same offer, but the pandemic has ruled that out.  Rather than scheduling an alternative, we will postpone the dinner and have it at a suitable time in 2021.  Thank you volunteers, and hang in there a little longer. 

So as we wind up 2020, let me thank everyone for your participation in Club activities in these challenging times.  Enjoy the holiday period, stay healthy and emerge recharged to resume the pleasures of outdoor recreation with the Club.

Jim MacLachlan

The paddling season is winding down.  The days are getting shorter and the air and water temperatures are dropping.  The last evening paddle from the boathouse will be Wednesday, September 30.  Upcoming trips for October are outlined in this Bulletin.  

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 15 at 7 pm.  It will be a Zoom (video conference) meeting because of COVID considerations.  A notice of the AGM will come out by email.  There will be a formal business meeting followed by a presentation from Steve Manders about local waterways and the three books he has just completed about them.  Mark your calendars now.

For those of you that haven’t yet had the “pleasure” of participating in a Zoom meeting, a separate email will come out to give you instructions on how to get set up on Zoom and how to participate.  A practice Zoom meeting will be scheduled in advance of the AGM to give you a chance to test Zoom out and overcome any problems that might stand in the way of you participating fully in the AGM.

I hope you continue to enjoy our scheduled activities in the upcoming month and will show up on Zoom for the AGM on October 15.


The CCC Board has opted to keep a maximum number of ten participants on club outings in order to maintain physical distance during launching, landing, and parking procedures.

We have updated our Boathouse Paddle Guidelines for boathouse paddles on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please click here for the latest guidelines: Boathouse-Paddle-Guidelines.pdf . Rules in our Important Notices apply to all boathouse use.

Our part of the province will move to Stage 3 of reopening on Friday, July 17.  Potentially relevant to CCC activities is the relaxation of the size limit of gatherings from 10 persons to 50 persons (indoor settings) and 100 persons (outdoor settings).  Physical distancing must still be practiced in such gatherings.  

On club trips, while physical distancing ought not to be a problem on the water, the challenge occurs at the launch and lunch spots.  There is often not much room at many of our favourite places.  The Board is concerned that this is where physical distancing is almost certainly to be compromised if there are large groups.  Rather than expand the number of participants allowed on trips from the current limit of 10, the Board thinks it is prudent to stick with the limit of 10 persons for now.  We’ve been successful operating with trips limited being 10 persons thanks to the trip leaders scheduling a second (or third) trip either staggered in time or modified for location.  Of course, more trips have been possible only because more trip leaders have stepped up (also thanks).  It is working!  Let’s not blow it now and have to back track.

We don’t normally have many indoor activities, but we would prefer to avoid those activities for now.  Scheduling parties, barbecues, the Annual General Meeting, and the annual volunteer appreciation dinner will either have to wait or be conducted electronically.  It’s another small compromise to deal safely with the pandemic.

It is very encouraging to report that participation in trips and paddles from the boathouse has been high, in spite of all the changes.  While accommodating the high interest has its challenges, it is a good thing that members are getting outdoors and enjoying paddling.

As a reminder, keep an eye on the website for the latest information about upcoming trips and boathouse paddles.  Register for a trip no sooner than six days in advance (e.g., no sooner than Sunday for a trip on the following Saturday).  This gives everyone an equal opportunity to register and participate.  Trip leaders will keep a waiting list in case of cancellations and might be able to organize another trip.

Please read the Boathouse Guidelines here, and the Trip Guidelines here.

And a big Thank You to all the folks who continue to volunteer to make this a terrific club!


Canoe, kayak, hike and ski: we do it all!

The Cataraqui Canoe Club is a non-profit club that supports canoeing, kayaking and outdoor activity in and around Kingston.

Non-Members may join any of our events … twice! Come and find out about us and experience the outdoors in the company of like minded enthusiasts. Be sure to contact the leader beforehand.

Members …

  • Can join us for evening paddle nights (see below)
  • Are invited to exclusive Club year around weekend events
  • Can rent berths in the Club boathouse (see below)
  • Can sign up for our lessons
  • Receive our newsletter by email
  • Vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • Participate on our Board of Directors

Paddles from the Boathouse

Members are invited to borrow club canoes and kayaks to paddle from the boathouse at the times shown below.

May – Wednesdays, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
June to August – Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm; Saturdays 9:30 to 11:30 am.
September – Wednesdays, 6:00 pm to dusk; Saturdays 9:30 to 11:30 am.

The on duty volunteer may choose to lockup and leave at 6:45 pm if no-one has arrived to paddle by then. Please check in with the on duty volunteer, and sign the waiver form before taking out a boat.

Details are here.

Renting and borrowing watercraft

Members can borrow Club canoes and kayaks for open paddle nights. When going on club events, members can rent a Club canoe or kayak if they can arrange pick-up and drop-off with a member who has a boathouse key. The Club does not rent watercraft other than for member use during open paddle nights or sanctioned events.

Please review the CCC Boat Rental policy here.

Space in the boathouse

For information about space availability, or for general boat storage questions, please contact our Boathouse Manager.

Going on a trip

Club activities are open both to members and non-members. If you are not yet a club member, you are welcome to come without charge to sample our trips (but we hope you join if you enjoy them).

To take part in an event, call the trip organizer a few days before the event, after checking the site for any last-minute changes. Also check with the organizer for equipment rentals.

Each person joining in club activities is responsible for accepting the risks involved. While most trips are easy and safe, others are harder and more risky. When you phone the trip organizer or when you meet just before the trip make sure you have agreed that the proposed trip is suitable for you. Consider such things as your paddling and other outdoor skills, your fitness level and any health problems you may have.