Clinics and Instruction

We offer a variety of clinics and instruction to help you improve your skills, in both canoes and kayaks.
If you are new to either boat type, we encourage you to participate!

Scheduled dates (if any) will appear on the Events page and in the calendar on the Home page.
Fees for clinics and instruction can be found on the Fees page.

Introduction to Canoeing – Ed Jezak

Ed provides members guidance on safety, equipment and basic strokes. These sessions are usually held on open paddle nights at the boathouse, and upon request.

Contact Ed directly at (613) 389-4459 to register.

Individual Instruction – Kayaks and Canoes – Jim MacLachlan

If you recognize you have a particular weakness or a skill you wish to develop (e.g., bracing, rolling, J-stroke, etc.), this is for you! 

Contact Jim directly at (613) 382-8682 to register.

Kayak Clinics – Jim MacLachlan

Advance your skills in rescues, strokes, bracing and rolling. This is intended for experienced paddlers (not beginners). Various clinics may be offered focusing on different topics. Kayak clinics are held at Grass Creek Park (about 14 km east of the causeway ( Kingston) on Hwy 2).

Contact Jim directly at (613) 382-8682 to register.